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Robin writes, "As a project for my Divine Nature section for Personal Progress, I am creating binders for the Young Women's Presidency, as well as the class presidencies and the advisors. They include a binder cover (this file), the Young Women's Theme, the 2011 Mutual Theme and a 2011 YW Calendar complete with a Young Women's torch on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to signify Young Women's weekly activites (a.k.a. Mutal Activity).

I enjoyed designing all of this so much, and I spent so much time on it that I couldn't not share it with other Young Women presidencies around the world! Thank you so much for your website that I can share my designs with others. Enjoy!"  : )    

Comments (7)
  • Celine

    you go girl! I'm the mia maid president and I'm seriously wanting to use this! This is wonderful!

  • Mary Guzman

    Can we get this in Word format?

  • Amy

    Is it possible to use the cover page and have it say Yound Womens only. I want to make a book for all the girls so I dont want it to say president.

  • Janet

    I LOVE these. I'm using them for my new Beehive class presidency and I can't wait to give them out at our first meeting! I absolutely love that the calendars match also! Thanks so much.

  • Tina

    Would like to see the answer to Amy's question. My daughter is scrap booking all of her young women handouts and value experiences. We would love to use this template and have it say her name followed by "Young Women's Binder"

    Thank you!

  • Kathy

    This and so many other binder covers are very cute! But--have you ever noticed that there is nowhere in the Church Handbook or other church-published materials that "Young Women's" is used? The name of the organization is "Young Women," and the officers are Young Women President, Young Women secretary, etc. Adding the 's would be like calling the Relief Society president the Relief Society's president, or calling one of your girls the Laurel's president.
    I know it's an uphill battle, but I would love to see everyone write it and say it correctly. Sigh....

  • Nancy

    Thank you for your work and good taste. I appreciate your generosity in sharing!

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